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Last Employer Ads

Name: Alexander
Company Name: USA Great
Looking for: Blog Writer
Description: Enter Dats in a Database
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 16
Duration: Between 6 months and 1 Year
Name: Megan Reeve
Company Name: Reeve Designs
Looking for: Photographer
Description: Photographer needed
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 20
Duration: No limit
Name: Masum
Company Name: Masum
Looking for: Copywriter
Description: Need work on the data entry
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 10
Duration: No Limit
Name: Sarfraz Ahmed
Company Name: Sarfraz
Looking for: Copywriter
Description: Typing
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 6
Duration: No Limit
Name: Munabhi
Company Name: Muna Bhi
Looking for: Copywriter
Description: Nice
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 2000
Duration: No Limit

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Last Projects

Name: Brenda
Hello. I am an academic writer . If anyone got an assignment that needs to be done contact me. I am an expert on various subjects such as history, English, literature, psychology, biology, criminal justice and law. I deliver quality work on time. I am familiar with all different writing styles. Apart from academia writing I can do article writing and blog writing. Am also great at data entry and copywriting. I live in a place that allows me to be able to be contacted 24 hrs a day. I would like to make a great living form my skills so please hire me.
Name: Amiralda
I am a carpenter and i need to buy wood to build a church with my community We all work very hard for this church, everybody help with the little they have. I am in charge of the construction but unfortunately i am poor in a poor country. Please help us
Name: Agetembom
My name is Balebi Shukuru Alexis I live in africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo country. I am an employee looking for an online job; I am looking for Data Entry job to work full time. You can contact me for more discussions about doing this task. Thank you
Name: Bamidele
Hello am in for works as a graphics designer,audio to text transcriber,logo maker my goals is to satisfy you and make myself reliable, tested and trusted my goals is to use my skills to make you work great and good looking I deliver faster, quickly and easier I can work for you as long as 5-10 hours per day Issues to occur can only be breakage in internet connection but it have been assessed I look forward to working with you Thank you
Name: Nadia
Hi, In my village, there is no Bakery... I am a baker I know how to do it I need help with one or two persons Rent a place Buy an Oven Few tools Total $2000 Who wants to help me with a loan or a share Thanks for your interest My tel : 457 4456 r566 My Email: rosovanana@gmail,com

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