Tricks to Find a Job!

Our Database of Freelancers is now very large and an employer who wants to find a Freelancer for “Data Entry”, for example, has to choose between thousands of potential Freelancers. 

In order for them to make the best choice for their business, our database organizes Freelancers into several categories. 

Here are some tips for success: 

First, the more you contact Employers on our website. the higher on the list you appear! 

Second, the Employers who hire you can give you a star rating and review your work. The better the rating and review, the higher on the list you appear!

Third, your initial application is important, as this is what sets you apart from other freelancers! Check for spelling mistakes and make sure you’re setting your hourly rates to u.s. dollar rates. 

Fourth,  When an Employer contacts you for a job, it’s important to respond promptly before they move on to a different Freelancer. Remember, there could be hundreds or thousands of Freelancers offering similar services, so your response time and professionalism is important! 

Fifth, Be wary of scams! Don’t send your personal information, bank information, etc, to any potential employer. There are many safe ways to receive payments for freelance services rendered. Do your research!

Don’t forget to refer us to your friends and family. 

Thank you and best of luck!

Don’t Forget to refer us to your Friends and Family